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A book to empower children to be who they truly are.

Summary of the Book

It Feels Good To Be Me!

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It feels good to be me!” You can’t help but smile when you say it because you know in your heart it’s true. You were born with the inner knowing that you are filled with only good feelings like halady-bug_flyingppiness, joy, peace, comfort, security, elation and love. In your heart you feel this truth. This is who you really are.

The main character in this story lives from her heart but she also understands that feeling good is a choice. As the story unfolds you see the life she has created for herself. Her life is filled with joyful experiences because she pays attention to her feelings and thoughts. When her feelings are not in alignment with what she knows to be true, she also knows that she is empowered to create a new thought, a new feeling to live the life she desires. You can too! This book will show you the ways to live from your heart and create the life you truly desire.